Wood Staff, French Staff « Bâton Français »

Wood piece here is a lot bigger one and must be seized with two hands (at hip level, 1,4 meters long and between 450g and 500g for weight). There is no assault in staff, for, even with protections, this sport would prove itself too dangerous. The grace of the gesture and the realism of the blows allow having an atypical approach of the staff handling.

The blows :

To the six cane basic blows (given this time with two hands on the same strike surfaces), we add the « coulissés » (slides) blows and of the “piqués” (pricked). Other blows are possible in the framework of a sport codification. We avoid notably to give blows with oblique trajectories, trajectories dangerous and difficult to adorn, for our approach is more centered on the beauty of the gesture, than in his pure effectiveness.

The practice of what we calls the French Staff is not perfectly codified at this day. There is, in fact, a lot of practices with historic sources rather fuzzy. Despite the research work carried out by some fascinated ones, we prefer a pragmatic approach with the bases of the cane techniques. The work of weight « body + staff » is an essential element of our work. The movements induce by the staff and the distances of strikes are equally important in a deepened study of the staff handling.

In the same way, we are beginning to glimpse at double staff techniques. There again, we use a pragmatic work focused on the sensation of the staffs in space.

This sport, very rich, is of course adapted to a very wide public, be it for its athletic qualities, playful ones or artistic ones.

For any of information (in french or english) please contact Frédéric MORIN (président ASCA PARIS )
Or by eMail : contact@batoncanne.com