The ASCA presentation

The ASCA, (The Association Sportive de Canne d’Arme) is under the law of 1901 and is authorized by Jeunesse et Sport. With 80 – 90 members per year, The Asca is one of the major and oldest sport canne and French staff association in France.

The ASCA presented canne and French staff in Bercy’s Martial Art Festival (2002, 2010 and 2012).

The ASCA is currently affiliated to the UFOLEP Paris.

The lessons take place the Mondays (18h30 to 22h00), Fridays (20h30 to 22h30) in the Gymnase de la Cour des Lions (PARIS 11), M° Richard Lenoir, and Fridays (20H00 to 22H00) and Saturday (9H30 – 11H00) in the Gymnase Georges Rigal (PARIS 11), M° Alexandre Dumas.